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Brumadinho Neoliberalism Unconstitutional fhc

Publicado em 11 de Fev. de 2019

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Brumadinho Neoliberalism Unconstitutional fhc


With deep regret, that TODAY, after deep reflections, recognizing my smallness Cultural, Religious, Political, and Professional, facing the below placements, AFFIRM, without fear of WRONG, that the CRIMINAL "accidents" occurred in Mariana, and Brumadinho, ARE RESPONSIBILITIES of those who "privatized" Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, which became Vale S.A., since, in addition to ALL the Crimes, already divulged by the media, and therefore, publicly known, we can, and should, HIGHLIGHT THE MOST OF THEM, the change in the percentage of Application of PROFITS in Communities, from 80% (Eighty percent) to 5% (FIVE percent).

Therefore, if the Companhia Vale do Rio Doce had not been "privatized", ALL the following Governments would continue to HAVE an important, historical, "ARM OF DEVELOPMENT", as well as an Exacerbated Volume of Human Resources , Materials, and Financial, to PROTECT HUMAN LIVES directly LOST, and especially, to PROTECT FAUNA, FLORA, and HUMAN LIVES that depend on them.

The "fanciful student crisis", since it was known for a long time, but triggered to overthrow the EURO, presented us with the concrete IRRESPONSIBILITY that was to leave the "MARKET" free to carry out any regulation and supervision, since the evaluation made by the International Authorities, introduced in the so-called "Basliléia Agreement" important NORTEADOR CRITERIA for the regulation and supervision of the International Financial System, one of them being the "accounting" of Assets involved in "Financial Speculation", whose values ARE SUBJECTIVE.

Therefore, MIND VERY, and DISLOCATELY, who affirms, without any SCCRUCT, without any SHAME, that the Governments MUST be small, and must not TRAP those that Produce, attributing to the WILD CAPITALISM, which has as premise, PROFIT AT ANY COST, the necessary Moral and Ethical Consciousness to GUARANTEE, at a minimum, DUE RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIFE, in all its forms.

In addition to the aforementioned CRIME LESA PÁTRIA, I present the "herculean" efforts made by ME, a Brazilian Citizen COMMON, who became "INFRUTÉFEROS", for being a HYPOCRITE Country, made of Lawyers, made by Lawyers, and made for Lawyers , where "Tragic Clowns", in the context of Tragic Comedy, RECOGNIZE, for example, the 2nd Chamber of the CFOAB - Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association, that Law Operators, even the Law Bachelor, do not commit ethical-disciplinary infraction, when betting ahead of their Names, Academic Entitlement of "DOCTOR", for the simple reason, to be "SOBRIQUET", according to the document "Because I am Doctor in Right of Shit", , where we are evaluating the discipline syllabus 003 2013 SCA of the OAB CF, regarding the banalized use of Doctor's Entitlement, where presumed corporative, indecent, immoral, illegitimate and illegal referents, The "pseudo-substantiate".

I present the document "Petition to STJ", , which is a desperate attempt, through SUGGESTION made to the President of STJ - Superior Court of Justice, to make EVERY possible efforts, including sending to the Authority that he understood to be COMPETENT, which was presumably done, since the SUGGESTION WAS ACCEPTED and forwarded to the RAPPORTEUR, Minister Castro Meira, with the objective of reversing a SUBJECTIVE decision, based on presumptive "ACHISMO" (Without any Legal Grounds), for a decisive and irrefutable decision OBJECTIVE, based on values and Technical parameters.

I present the document "Peticao Stj Redirected to Stf", , which is a desperate attempt, through SUGGESTION made to the President of the STF - Federal Supreme Court, to make ALL possible efforts, including sending to the Authority that he understood to be COMPETENT, with the objective of reversing a SUBJECTIVE Dossier issued by STJ - Superior Court of Justice, in view of the Official Response of STJ - Superior Court of Justice, as well as the presumed intrinsic Disrespect for the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil and the President of the STJ - Superior Court of Justice, by the Rapporteur, Minister Castro Meira.

I am obliged to acknowledge the concrete fact that Brazil is a "Hipórcita Republic of Bananas", since, since 1998, through the "New Legal-Institutional Order", considered by some as I, Avant-garde, Revolutionary, Brilliant, Legal Prima Work, ALL the existential problems of TODAY already had their solutions, at least, ORIENTED, and therefore, I can ASSERT, without fear of STRAGGLE, that few, by IGNORANCE, or even in CONVENIENCE, were able to understand it, as an example I quote:

Among others, the question of mining has the "New Legal-Institutional Order", represented by the concrete Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil, in a Clearly and Rich way, allows us to "paraphrase donald trump" and affirm "First Brazil".

Art. 172, Art. 173, §1º, I, II, III, §4º, §5º, presents us with certainty that the law will discipline, on the basis of national interest, foreign capital investments, encourage reinvestments and will regulate the remittance of profits, as well as, except in the cases provided for in this Constitution, the direct exploitation of economic activity by the State shall be permitted only when necessary to the imperatives of national security or the relevant collective interest, as defined by law, which will establish the legal status of the public company, mixed-capital company and its subsidiaries that exploit economic activity of production or sale of goods or services, providing on: its social function and forms of supervision by the State and by society; repression of abuse of economic power aimed at dominating markets, eliminating competition, and arbitrarily raising profits.

Art 176, §1º, shows us the certainty that the deposits, whether or not mined, and other mineral resources and hydraulic power potentials constitute property distinct from that of the soil, for the purpose of exploration or exploitation, and belong to the Union (Brazilian State), as well as that research and mining of mineral resources and the utilization of potentials can only be carried out with the authorization or concession of the Union (Brazilian State), in the national interest.

Art. 177, V (old and new), shows us the certainty that the "privatization" of Companhia Vale do Rio Doce IT WAS, IS, AND SHALL CONTINUE BEING, Crime of Lesa-Pátria UNCONSTITUTIONAL, since, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Brazil, maintains as MONOPOLY the Union (Brazilian State), research, mining, enrichment, reprocessing, industrialization and trade of nuclear minerals and minerals and their derivatives, with the exception of radioisotopes, when I call attention to the fact that VALE S.A., does not only work with radioisotopes.

Among others, the INDIGENOUS question has the "New Legal-Institutional Order", represented, by the concrete, of the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil, in a Clearly and Rich way, DETERMINE, that the INDIANS, implicitly, because they originate in SILVÍCULA (who or who is born or lives in the wild, wild), will enjoy the Rights of the demarcated Areas, as an indigenous reserve, UNDER THE TUTELAGE of the Brazilian State, irrefutably recognizing that they BELONG to the Union (Brazilian State).

Art. 20, XI, presents us with certainty that the Indigenous Reserves (lands traditionally occupied by the Indians) are assets of the Union (Brazilian State), ratifying the interpretation that the Indians are entitled to USUFRUTE under TUTELAGE of the Union (Brazilian State).

Art. 231, §1º, §2º, §3º, §4º, §5º, §6º, §7º (Art. 174, §3º, §4º), presents us with certainty that the BRAZILIAN STATE recognizes the Indians, their social organization, their customs, their languages, their beliefs and their traditions, and the ORIGINATING RIGHTS, through permanent possession, over the lands they traditionally occupy, and it is the responsibility of the Union (Brazilian State) to demarcate them, implicitly through YOUR GUARD, protect and enforce all your property, recognizing also that this demarcated area is traditionally occupied by the Indians that they inhabit permanently, those used for their productive activities, those essential to the preservation of environmental resources necessary for their well-being and those necessary for their physical and cultural reproduction, according to their uses, customs and traditions, with the exclusive usufruct of the riches of the soil, rivers and lakes, ratifying the YOUR GUARD of the Union (Brazilian State) ensures that the use of water resources, including energy potential, research and mining of mineral wealth in indigenous lands can only be effected with the authorization of the National Congress, after hearing the affected communities, being assured participation in the results of the mining, in the form of the law, where they are inalienable and unavailable, and the rights over them, imprescriptible, in such a way, that the removal of the indigenous groups from their lands IS PROHIBITED, save, "ad referendum" of the National Congress, in case of catastrophe or epidemic that endangers their population, or in the interests of the sovereignty of the country, after deliberation of the National Congress, guaranteed, in any case, the immediate return as soon as the risk ceases, or in the interests of the sovereignty of the country, after deliberation of the National Congress, guaranteed, in any case, the immediate return as soon as the risk ceases, with the explicit recognition that acts aimed at the occupation, ownership and possession of indigenous lands, or exploitation of the natural resources of the soil, rivers and lakes therein are null and void and have no legal effects, except public interest of the Union (Brazilian State), according to what has a complementary law, and nullity and extinction do not generate the right to compensation or to actions against the Union (Brazilian State), except in the form of the law, as to the improvements derived from occupation in good faith, emphasizing that the recognition of economic activity does not apply to indigenous lands, presumably because they do not fit the public sector and the private sector, when it then DETERMINES that the Indians, their communities and organizations are legitimate parties to enter in court in defense of their rights and interests, intervening the Public Ministry in all the acts of the process.

From the above, I CREDIT the ORIGIN, and the RESPONSIBILITY, of ALL the Problems of Normatization, and Inspection, of the Dams of Brazilian Mineral Rejects, which have already caused "accidents", and will still cause other "accidents", with FATAL VITIMS, with FLAGELOS, with DESTRUCTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT, to the IRresponsible for the application of the NEOSOLIALISM, constructed, and defined, by the called "Group of the 30", financed by the Ford Foundation, which some recognize as "CIA FINANCIAL ARM", backing the US interests, which in Brazil is represented by Extrema Right, as the Misrule of "fhc - fernando henrique cardoso", without calling attention to the concrete fact of the current President of Vale S.A., has been nominated by the former Senator, the current Federal Deputy, sr. aécio neves da cunha, .

In view of Fact 3 of the document "Petition to STJ", which states:

Fact 3 - In order that we may accept as fact, concrete, and certainly on which the Rapporteur's vote is based, it is necessary that the edict has the respect and credibility necessary for a concrete intention to participate, since, in doubting its integrity and smoothness, I can judge it prudent not to participate, even lamenting, for, it is impossible for me to accept that someone in full ethical reason, allow himself to be "INVOLVED" in "SOMETHING" questionable since the birth.

Therefore, there are several reasons that may prevent ALL Brazilians from participating in the Auction, where price is only one, and not always, the most important.

A question does not want to shut up:

What legal guarantee should be given to someone who is CONSCIENTIOUSLY by involved in "SOMETHING ILLICIT", since its "birth", since, this ILICITUDE, in a Clearly and Rich way, AGGRESSION to Constitutional Law, is Public, and Notary ?

To which only one answer is possible:

The nullity of the "privatization" extinguishes the right to indemnity or to actions against the Union (Brazilian State), at least by the natural RISCO, represented by the public, and notorious, ILICITUDE in any commercial agreement, except, in the form of the law, for improvements derived from good faith.

Respectful Hugs,

Plinio Marcos Moreir


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